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Episode 102

Published on:

23rd Jun 2022

FOOD FOR Snacks for Runners

Today we are SPOTLIGHTING FOOD FOR …Snacks for Runners.

We are going to talk about

1. How to use snacks strategically to support health and running

2. The Ideal Nutrient Composition of snacks pre, during and post running

3. Practicalities around being organised with snacks

4. Our favourite snacks and suggestions for you to try



How snacks may be used strategically for health and body composition goals as well as pre, during and post run fueling. We talk about the pitfalls of grazing and a reminder of the importance of adding in the energy value (calories) into your overall energy requirement calculations.


The Ideal Macronutrient Composition of snacks pre, during and post running.


The importance and timing of quick release carbohydrate foods pre and during training.


Karen’s personal choices of quick release carbohydrate snacks


Post Recovery Snacks – what to eat within 30 minutes and what to eat 1-2 hours after your run.


Our favourite snack suggestions for you to try.


What ingredients Karen includes in her homemade bars and how she makes them so they don’t crumble or break up when running!


Quick Release Snack Ideas for the 30-minute window at the end of a run and Aileen’s post run recovery juice of watermelon, coconut water and honey. Plus, some easy snack meal ideas. 


Key Take Aways 

1.    Use snacks strategically for pre, during, post run fueling and recovery.

2.    Quick Release CHO snacks can support you to optimise glucose uptake and glycogen storage which will help keep your energy levels consistent during a long run and optimize recovery post run.

3.    Be aware of the additional Energy Intake from snacks in your overall Energy Intake Vs Energy Expenditure calculations but don’t sacrifice these running snacks if your goal is weight loss – just be mindful and strategic in their use.

4.    POST RUN – have a QR CHO snack within 30 minutes and a larger snack or meal within 1-2 hours of a long run in the ratio of 4:1 CHO:Protein

5.    Finally remember to download our free guide TOP RUNNING SNACKS and Nutrient Timing.

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The suggestions we make during this episode are for guidance and

advice only, and are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

If you have any concerns regarding your health, please contact

your healthcare professional for advice as soon as possible.

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Aileen and Karen 


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