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12th Jan 2023

Setting YOUR Nutrition and Running Goals 2023

New Year, new health and fitness goals. A time when runners feel inspired to make changes but don't know how to make them ACHIEVABLE.

A New Year tends to be a time when people set new intentions…a time for looking forward…not back. So, this episode is for you if you are considering new goals but just don’t know how to start….the motivation is there….BUT…how do you make your goals doable and achievable???

We give you some ideas of how to approach goal setting so you can ACHIEVE your 2023 nutrition and performance aspirations…so listen in for some great ideas…it is better than trying to “go it alone” and potentially failing!!

We talk about

  • WHY setting goals is important in creating change 
  • Introduce the BIG ROCK theory then look at
  • Look at HOW to implement the BIG ROCK theory to help you achieve YOUR goals



Introducing you to some reasons WHY setting goals is important in creating change. 

We believe it is best to start by thinking about your TOP desire or achievement for 2023. 

Is it linked to your: 

Running goals – for example: attaining a PB, entering an iconic race, becoming a trail runner

Nutrition goals – for example: fuelling effectively for training and races, following a ‘real food’ plan CONSISTENTLY 


Outlining how setting goals could be helpful to you in achieving your 2023 nutrition and running goals. Goal setting may:

  • Provide short-term motivation for your long-term vision or goal
  • Guide your focus and keep you on track
  • Create accountability to yourself but also to others if you choose to share your aspirations

The SMART approach to goal setting is well-recognised and helps individuals ACHIEVE! We introduce you to this SMART concept:

Specific - what is it you want to achieve? Eg. distance, time (BP), run an iconic race

Measurable - how will you monitor your progress?

Achievable - in the time frame you have

Realistic - what could get in the way? Eg. work, family

Timely - when do you want to achieve it by?


Telling the BIG ROCK story and then explaining what the BIG ROCKS, PEBBLES, and SAND represent in life:

BIG ROCKS – guiding principles, the non-negotiable goals. For example: a balanced plate at each meal

PEBBLES – things that matter in life but that you could live without such as daily habits and choices you make. For example: watching TV, going to the cinema

SAND – they tend to be less important. They are the ‘fillers’ or mundane tasks that can get in the way of achieving the BIG ROCKS. For example: doing the housework, admin tasks, doing the ironing

If you spend too much time on the sand tasks then CHANGE WON’T HAPPEN!!


Considering how the BIG ROCKS theory could be implemented to support you in achieving YOUR goals. You may just have one BIG ROCK or you may have several you would like to focus on. We outline some questions to ask yourself including:

  1. What do I currently spend most of my time on?  
  2. What are the TOP 3 things I would like to improve upon regarding performance, fitness, health, nutrition 
  3. Out of those TOP 3 things – what is the ONE most important thing I desire?
  4. What BIG ROCK (s) would help me achieve that ONE THING?
  5. What would I need to change to put that BIG ROCK into place? 

REMEMBER, you may need to ditch some pebbles or sand to find space for the BIG ROCK! 


Encouraging you to determine WHY you want to achieve a particular goal. Once you have determined the WHY then:

  • Make a commitment to yourself
  • Plan, schedule and practice – almost becoming a RITUAL
  • Remember it is non-negotiable! Your boundaries around your BIG ROCK are unshakable
  • REFLECT after a period of time to determine if the ROCK is serving you
  • Continue or change your BIG ROCK



  • Consider WHAT the ROCKS, PEBBLES AND SAND are in your life 
  • Take a little bit of time to write them down and see what comes up for you!! 
  • Reflect on what you have written 
  • Only when you are ready, then begin to PLAN the change you want to happen!!



  1. A New Year tends to be a good time to set new intentions…a time for looking forward…not behind
  2. Remember to include small steps towards reaching your ultimate goal  
  3. Keep your goals SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely
  4. Think about the BIG ROCKS theory and consider the BIG ROCKS, PEBBLES and SAND in your life
  5. Sift out the sand that is getting in the way of you embarking on and attaining your BIG ROCKS
  6. Remember…your BIG ROCKS are non-negotiable….other things in life (the pebbles and sand) need to fit around your BIG ROCKS….in order for CHANGE to be CONSISTENT and PERMANENT!!


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